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What is Counselling New

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About PCSAT -Pathways Counselling Services Awareness Trust (FOUNDATION)


Psychotherapy/Counselling in  Mental Health)  Health & Social Care Integrated.  Services for common mental problem such as depression, anxiety and so on.



Trudy Simpson-Whale

We offer  counselling- psychotherapy -Coaching in Kent and London. We  have a wide range of experience  in the NHS for over 15 years. This enables us to see problems through the eyes of our clients.

As a counsellors we can offer help and support, for example, on emotional problems, bereavement (Grief & Loss), relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, self esteem, addiction and spiritual guidance if necessary. If you are not sure what counselling involves, then we are always happy to discuss any issues prior to making an appointment.

PCSAT specialise in the areas within  Psychological Therapy field.  Using CBT (Cognitive and Behavioural Treatment (Talking Therapy). We also used other psychological therapies (if necessary)

PCSAT offer a free counselling service in the community for those people who cannot afford counselling fees. regardless of gender,ethnicity, age,disability or religion etc.  

HOMELESSNESS  PROJECTS (sleeping rough on the street)

We aims to offer voluntary  help and support for those who are affected by homelessness.  We offer counselling services care support  before they are discharged from hospital and after being discharged.   Who have little or no support , helping them to facilitate a suitable move-on plan and  get their live back on track. . Listen to their needs and support them for shelter, food, clothes, laundry etc accordingly

Our recent research on mental health issues suggest that even in any condition where medication is thought to be effective , psychological treatment can help by using Talking Therapy CBT (Cognitive behavioursl Therapy) and any other treatment if necessary where we believe it reduces the risk of relapse .

Alongside this, we support the homeless and try to prevent it.  We want to end rough sleeping and improve hospital discharge arrangement before and after they leave the  hospital.  Our  research shows there is  an increasing need  for our help. Statistics prove that 70 percent  of homeless  patients had been discharged from the hospital only to return to the street.  This had occurred without  housing or underlying health issues being addressed.